The company is the result of the peak processing of the highest representative of Hytera in Iran and the exclusive distributor of Hytera products, including handheld wireless devices, fixed and car radio, repeaters and accessories for these products. With more than eight years of experience in the field of telecommunication, computer and electrical communications, the company has been involved in the implementation of all consulting, design, product presentation, installation, commissioning, support and use of the most experienced and capable personnel with intelligent management. The current competitive arena will create a great place in the telecommunications industry. The strengths of this complex can be set up in the least possible time, supporting the equipment with great care and a long life span of these equipment.

Now due to the speed of growth and technology in the world of waves and broadband communications, Hopco has also been able to deliver globally distinctive services to its customers. Meeting the needs of customers and special efforts to bring the highest efficiency and effectiveness of equipment in the field of telecommunications and radio is in the shadow of perseverance and an honorary effort for Hopco.


HOPCO Interior Design

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